Submissions Winners 2021

The Winners Are…


1st : Ahmed Elbarbary for his Abstract Titled: cystatin c and acute kidney injury in acute heart failure; impact on hospital course

2nd : Taher Eid Abdelmoneim for his Abstract Titled: Resuscitation after cardiac surgery awareness , an Egyptian multicentre survey

3rd : Ahmed Bendary for his Abstract Titled: Clinical characteristics, laboratory profiles, and treatment modalities for Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Egypt


Challenging Cases

1st : Emad Abdel Hay for his Challenge Case Titled: A left main bifurcation with DK-crush technique

2nd : Hesham Bahaa for his Challenge Case Titled: Out of the Box Problem so small yet so dramatic

3rd : Mohamed Ezz elregal Abdeldayem for his Challenge Case Titled: In Heavily Calcific & Tortious Lesion, Prepare All Your Weapons


Prof. Magdy Rashwan Prize

1st : Mina Aziz for his Title: The Mystery Solved

2rd : Soha Hekal for her Title: Mitral Valve disease A benign pathology with a devastating destiny (the serial killer)

3rd : Karim Shahin for his Title: The perspective of transoesophageal echocardiography in rare complications of infective endocarditis

4th : Waleed Etman for his Title: The grey zone


Junior CardioAlex Award (JCA)

1st : Victor Fadlallah Francis for his Title: disasters never come alone

2rd : Ramy Atlm for his Title: My First Retrograde CTO RCA