Submissions Winners 2020

The Winners Are…

Prof. Magdy Rashwan Prize

1st : Waleed Etman for his Abstract Titled: Can it get worse?!

2nd : Moataz Taha for his Abstract Titled: Where is the source ?!

2nd : Mina Aziz for his Abstract Titled: Cardiac masses dilemma solved

3rd : Ingy Etman for her Abstract Titled: The creeping mass

Challenging Cases

1st : Mohamed Abdelhamid for his Abstract Titled: Intramyocardial Hematoma Post MI

2nd : Michael Nagy for his Abstract Titled: Choosing a two stent strategy, case based approach

3rd : Sara Tantawy for her Abstract Titled: Coronary thrombosis masquerading as dissection:A case of sudden cardiac death

Junior CardioAlex Award (JCA)

Ahmed Ramadan Ali for his Abstract Titled: Cardiogenic shock in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patient with fixed paced heart rate


1st : Fatma AlZahraa Mostafa for her Abstract Titled: Tissue doppler and speckle tracking of left ventricle post coarctation repair

2rd : Heba Shahawy for her Abstract Titled: Comparative study of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and transesophageal echocardiography in detection of left atrial and left atrial appendage thrombi

3rd : Mohamed Arab for his Abstract Titled: Comparison between non-invasive and invasive assessment of aortic valve stenosis severity in patients with classical and paradoxical LFLG-AS

4th : Waleed Abdo for his Abstract Titled: Transcription factor 21 gene polymorphism in patients with coronary artery disease