Submissions Winners 2019

Submissions Winners 0

Rules of the competition:

  • * Presenters are young residents , assistant lectures and cardio-physicians who did not yet get their MD degree.
  • * 12 competitors from 6 national and international centers.

12 Young Presenters , 6 National Centers , 2:30 Hours ​

* Abdel Aal Elsayed            (  AL Azhar )
*Noha Hesham Fouad         ( Alexandria )
*Noha Hesham Fouad        ( Alexandria )
  • * Fathy Ahmed Nada          (  Suez Canal )
  • Mohamed Alaa          ( Alexandria )
  • Gehad Abdel Salam   ( MRI-Alex )
  • Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed   ( Kafr Alsheikh )


Dr Mahmoud Hasanien (Alex)

Dr Prem Soman (USA)

Dr. Salama Hussien Omar (KSA)



Ayman Abdel Hay


The Winners Are…

Rashwan’s Best Echo Case

Magdy Rashwan - Echo Cases

1st : Ramya Parasa

2nd : Abdel Rahman Assal

3rd : Mohamed Alaa

3rd : Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed

Best Nuclear Case 2 Equal Winners

– Amr Yahia

– Mohamed Ahmed Nour El Din

Best Nuclear Case

Challenging Cases

Challenging Cases

1st : Raja Matahen

2nd : Mohamed Hamed Sherif

3rd : Mohamed El Farouk


Junior CardioAlex Award (JCA) Intervention 4 Equal Winners

-Fatma Abou El Seoud

 -Ramy Mohamed

-Wesam Omar

 -Michael Nagy

Junior CardioAlex Award



1st : Mohamed Alaa

1nd : Ahmed Mahmoud Hassanein

2rd : Fakhr El Ayouby

3rd : Shereen Mohamed Khaled

3rd : Mohab El Anssary

Best Poster 2 Equal Winners

 -Fatma Abo El Seoud

 -Fatma Abo El Enein

Best Posters

Best E-Poster Winners

Best E-Poster

– Amr Setouhy

Heart Team Champion Competition Winners

  • *Asswan Team:

-Belal Abdel Wahab Ahmed

-Shawky Mahmoud Shawky

-Abdel Rahman Ahmed Mohamed

-Ibrahim Abdel Mohsen

-Mostafa Hamed abbas

-Khaled Shaaban Abdel Aziz

Heart Team

Heart Team Champion Competition 2ndHeart Team Champion Competition

Heart Team 2nd

Alexandria University Team:

– Ahmed Abdel Moula

-El Shahat Said

-Emad El Nady

-Mohamed Gamal

-Osama Shaaban

-Mohamed Hassan

-Hisham Mohamed El Azab

Heart Team Challenging Team Competition Winner

Heart Team Challenging

Abdel Rahman Aly


AF Heart Team Competition Winner

Naglaa Ahmed Hamdy