Cardio Alex

Gregory Thomas

Position: United States

Medical Director of Cardiovascular Program Development for the MemorialCare Health System. In this role he serves as Clinical Professor and Director of Nuclear Cardiology Education at the UC Irvine. His research work is reflected in 200 publications. He served as the President of ASNC in 2007. Among his research contributions to the field are pioneering the addition of low-level exercise to various forms of pharmacologic stress and its use in COPD patients. Oxford University Press published the 6th edition of the textbook, authored by Dr. Thomas, Sam Wann and Myrvin Ellestad, Ellestad’s Stress Testing in 2019. Dr. Thomas received his undergraduate degree from the UC Irvine, his medical degree from UC San Francisco, and MPH from UC Berkeley. Medical residency was at the Massachusetts General Hospital with cardiology fellowship training at Cedars Sinai and the Massachusetts General.


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