CardioAlex.20 Tv Studio

Dr Ayman Khairy – Difference between Left Main Bifurcation and Trifurcation
Dr Moheb Magdy – Prescription habit and prescription enerchia
Dr Shehab El Etriby – Left Main Bifurcation
Dr Sameh El Kaffas – Measurements of Blood Pressure
Dr Nelly Shams – Weight Management
Prof Gamila Nasr – Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases in women
Prof Ossama Sanad – Hypertension medications Compliance
Prof Ade El Etriby – Anticoagulation Therapy during COVID-19 Pandemic
Prof Ahmed Abdel Aaty – Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Prof Antoine Lafont – Structural Heart Disease
Prof Hamza Kabil – Atrial Fibrillation Management
Prof Hesham Abo El Enein – How to manage patients with acute Myocardial Infarction
Prof Khaled Leon – Obesity and HEFpEF
Prof Khaled Leon – Evaluation of MVD Patients
Prof Nabil Farag – Heart Failure Management, a message to the young physicians
Prof Nihal El Habashi – Basic Science Sessions
Prof Tarek Aziz – Malignant Melanoma’s effects on the heart
Prof Yasser Huzayen – White Coat Syndrome
Dr Karim Mahmoud – Cardiovascular Diseases and Oncology
Prof Atef El Bahry – Heart Failure and Cancer
Prof Samir Rafla – Message to the young Physicians
Prof Mostafa El Hamamy – Valvular Heart Diseases
Prof Raafat Naga – DVT and COVID-19
Prof Tarek El Zawawy – ACE Inhibitors and ARB’S during COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr Bassem Ramadan – Patients with Ischemic Heart who need Open Heart Surgery
Dr Dina Abdel Salam – Echocardiography in Systemic Diseases
Dr Radwa Mehanna – Basic Science in ischemic Heart Disease
Prod Mohamed Ossama – 4D Echocardiography
Prof Amal El Sisi – Congenital Heart Diseases
Prof Bassem Zarif – Cardiac Patients during COVID 19 Pandemic
Prof Essam Gouda – COVID 19 and Asthma
Prof Ghada Kazamel – Valvular Heart Diseases
Prof Hala Mahfouz – Challenges in Left ventricular diastolic assessment
Prof Mohamed El Noamany – New Techniques in Echocardiography
Prof Sameh Arab – Congenital Heart Diseases Guidelines
Prof Tarek El Walily – Congenital Heart Diseases