CardioAlex.20 in its 1st Hybrid Format

Due to the enormous outbreak of COVID-19 early 2020, we didn’t feel comfortable to hold our annual event in its regular physical format and decided to shift it to a Hybrid Template in order to offer our attendees better options: a smaller, in-person event that adheres to social-distancing requirements or a virtual experience.

CardioAlex board also thought about the benefits of shifting the annual event to be Hybrid: To attract new attendees to the online component, such as International Experts, Eminent Figures, and International Societies. In addition, the hybrid format provides new ways to delivering content and allows the event to extend its life by giving attendees the ability to watch sessions on demand.

More importantly, a hybrid format will allow our attendees who may be uncomfortable traveling to take part remotely and connect with their fellow industry professionals. This shows that CardioAlex is putting its members’ and attendees’ comfort first— which is something that could translate into better retention and loyalty.

CA.21 aims to globalize the quality research in general, thus making discussions, presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on the recent outstanding achievements in the field of cardiology, and future trends and needs.

CardioAlex always seeks to build the most empowering educational program tackling the following tracks:

01  Intervention

02  Hypertension

03 Heart Failure

04 Echocardiography

05 Electrophysiology

06  Integrated Imaging

07 Pediatric Cardiology

08  Lipid & Atherosclerosis

09 Basic Science

10  Cardiac Surgery

11  Endovascular

12  Clinical Pharmacology

13  Emergency Medicine

14  Sports in Cardiology

15  Diabetes

16  Critical Care

17  Chest

18  Hands-on Training

19  Simulation Workshops

20  Career Life Guide

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A Hybrid Event is the blend of both worlds


A Hybrid Event is the blend of both worlds – Physical & Virtual Events so you can attend CardioAlex lectures and workshops or any activity face-to-face, and also online. The New Shape of CardioAlex will give our audience the liberty to attend from anywhere around the world with no limitations or restrictions. So you will have the choice to attend either physically or virtually. Completely Up To You!

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