The cardiology world is filled with challenges like our fast paced and simultaneously active life. The risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases increase every year, so it is a huge problem in Egypt as well as the whole world. Hence cardiology needs are changing around the health continuum, and our mission is to improve heart health and optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes.

The best part of CardioAlex is that we enjoy working with brilliant minds dedicated to the Cardiovascular Health Care whose main goal is to save lives.

Our Event stands out amongst other events due to its clear vision, mission, focused scientific program and devoted board. As during the 4 days of the conference, we put attendees time to a maximum use bringing them the necessary scientific content with hassle free and engaging experience.

And since we aim to make a difference in the Cardiology Community and strive to spread our authentic voice within the cardiology community. We have great pleasure to invite you to attend CardioAlex 2020 that will take place in BibAlex – Alexandria from 02 – 05 June 2020.

CardioAlex Board