Planning and preparation for CardioAlex 2020 started last October 2019.  The conference board held many meetings in preparation for this world class event. 


As we worked towards June 2020, something major happened that negatively impacted us all.  COVID-19 attacked the whole world with its massive spread.  The world has not experienced a situation like this one in our modern history and we are entering into uncharted territory leading us to an unsettling and uncertain feelings.


And due to these recent tragic circumstances, CardioAlex Board decided to postpone the Event to be from 05 – 09 October 2020 aiming to protect the health and wellbeing of all attendees and to exercise the appropriate hygiene and physical distancing measurements. 


We are convinced that things will get better and as the resilient team we are, we will overcome together this challenge and will come back stronger, better and united.


To whom it may concern: We are not Cancelling .. We are only Postponing.


Until we see each other soon

Stay Home  


Stay Safe