Training Set

Echo Workshop: Echo in Heart Failure
CTO Forum
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation – CPR Workshop
JIM II TAVR Workshop
Left Main & Bifurcation Workshop
FOCUS Workshop (Frontiers of Cardiovascular Updated Science) Nanotechnology; The Large Impact of Tiny Particles
EPS Training Set: Cardiac Anatomy Relevant to Electrophysiologist
CHIP Forum
FOCUS Workshop (Frontiers of Cardiovascular Updated Science) – The Genetic Aspect of the Cardiac Diseases
Echo Workshop: 3D Echo
Clinical pharmacy Workshop
ECG Workshop
Smoking Cessation Workshop

Training Set Terms & Conditions

  • Registration stamp is mandatory to access the training set hall
  • Attendance stamp is mandatory to receive your certificate (stamp is available upon your check-in in the session)
  • Certificates will be delivered after the end of each workshop (valid for 24 hours after attendance)
  • In case you missed delivering the certificate on time, it’ll be delivered on Friday
  • Attendance of workshops will be maximum 5 minutes after the beginning of the session, otherwise registration will be automatically released and your entrance will be upon availability