Be a part of CardioAlex 2017 program

Junior CardioAlex Award– JCA

CardioAlex 2017

You are invited to submit your most educational and interesting cases to CardioAlex 2017 Call for Clinical Cases. They will be reviewed and included in a forum session or in the interactive case session.

Submit your case in the following Specialties

Kindly note that your Complications should be submitted to Call for Clinical Cases website, as there will not be a subsequent and specific Call for Complications.

  • Intervention
  • EPS/AF

Criteria of candidates presenters

  • Staff or fellow in a university, military, private or governmental institute.
  • Not above 40 years by the end of May 2017.
  • The case should be done by the presenter himself.

Submission Process

By submitting your case, you hereby agree presenting it in CardioAlex.

Submission guidelines

  • Clinical Case presentations will be submitted electronically by the 15th of January 2017. Presentations sent by email will not be accepted.
  • Click here to download the CardioAlex PowerPoint template that should be used.
  • The presentation title must not include any trade names (they may, however, be used in the content of your slides).
  • No patient, author or institution name should be featured in any part of the presentation.
  • Please use lower case for the title and text content of your case (capital letters should be used only at the beginning of a sentence, for officially-approved abbreviations and for proper nouns).
  • Failing to comply with the above guidelines will disqualify your submission.
  • Once the closing date had passed, you will not be able to modify your presentation.
  • PDF files are only accepted.
  • Maximum size allowed for submissions is 2 MB

Selection Process

Submitted cases evaluation will be based on quality, clarity, relevance and educational value for the audience. The CardioAlex Selection Committee will review submissions without access to the authors’ name, institution or country.

Invitation / Notification

The Acceptance Announcement will be the 10th of April 2017.
All authors whose submissions are accepted will receive a subsequent official invitation from the Organizing Committee with more precise details.

Submissions are now closed

Need help?

Please contact: bayan.mohab@icomgroup.org