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1st place

winner of CardioAlex 2014 Abstract competition Dr. Karim El – Touny

Click here to view the abstract

2nd place

Dr. Wafaa El Sherbiny

3rd place

Dr. Walid Atout

Junior CardioAlex EPS

Prof. Mamdouh Al Ashry Memorial Award

Lamia Allam

Ain Shams University

Carto/ Mapping/ 3D

Mustafa Mohamed Abdelmoneim

Ain Shams University


1st Mina Sami HalimMahala University

2nd Mohammad Shafiq AwadBeni-Suef University


Maha Khalifa Ain Shams University

Rashwan’s Prize

Rashwan’s Best Echo Case Prize

Mohamed Hamed Sherif Tanta

Yehia Tarek Rashad Alex

Rashwan’s Best Imaging CT Case Prize

Basma Hammad Alex

Yasser Morsi Alex

Thanks for everyone who submitted his case. Hope this is just the beginning and more coming awards to follow.

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