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Number of participating bodies 15
The total number of delegates 4912 (attendees, junior, ch & sp, nurses & tech.)
Number of Junior Cardiologists 1148
Number of Chairpersons & speakers 427
Number of Abstracts 86
Number of Organizing Committee 48
Number of faculty guests 94
Number of Nurses & Technicians 412
Number of International Courses: ( EHRA – Training Set ) 12
Number of Total Scientific Hours 172
Number of Sessions 164
Number of International Sessions 8
Number of National Live 4
Number of international Live: (TCT – C3- Jim) 3
Number of EBAC points for the conference 22 Credits
Number of EBAC points for the training set 11 Credits
Number of EgyBAC points for the conference 48 hours
Number of ladies program participants 85
Cycle for your heart it has been through 2 days ( Friday 7 June and 14 June) 70

Training Set

ECG: 93
Tavi: 122
Learn with professor Horst: 88
Tee: 111
Cath Lab: 204
Smoking cessation: 30


Number of Abstracts: 89

Number of Candidates: 60
Number of universities and institutions: 32
Number of JCA Intervention cases: 7
Number of JCA EPS cases: 10
EuroPCR Cases: 8

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Prof. Magdy Rashwan’s prize

Dr. Judy Rizk

Alexandria University

prize 10,000 LE


Dr.Wafaa El Sherbiny

Tanta University

Prize 3,000 LE


Dr. Mohamed Mo’nes

Al Alzhar University

Prize 2000 LE


Dr. Elsayed Elmistekawy

Canada University

prize 1000 LE

JCA (intervention)

1st place

Mohamed Ashraf

Assuit University

2nd Place

Mohamed Tahlawi

Zagazig University

3rd Place

Mohamed Salamony

Mahala University”


Attending C3 2014 conference in USA

Free Registration and Accommodation Only


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