Welcome Address

CardioAlex is delighted to invite you to our innovative and revolutionary educational enterprise – CardioAlex18, from 26 June to 29 June 2018. The four-day conference will feature special educational contented by international legendary professors and lecturers, together with our Egyptian experts. CardioAlex will cover the most leading-edge research and technological advancements in cardiology. The conference will highlight interactive education modules and hands-on clinical supervisory skills to best meet the everyday needs of cardiologists across the region. This innovational approach will initiate a new venture, in the way that physicians interactively be a part of the conference to mark CardioAlex as the most special and exclusive opportunity in the region.
We would like to extend our warm welcome to this exceptional opportunity. Our gathering takes on a special meaning and move CardioAlex to the next level each year.

Yours Sincerely,

CardioAlex Board

CardioAlex was a great meeting. The sessions I participated in were very interactive with the chairpersons and audience. Most speakers finished on time which is a big plus for any meeting. The AV setup was good and the computer technicians were very experienced.
Tyron Collins